Die Without Offspring!

A Real-Life Story of a Chinese Girl... by Yannie Fan

Late one afternoon, I came home from school...
Far away from my apartment, my eyes caught sight of a new poster with big characters hanging on the whole front wall of our building, and another huge piece of paper with caricatures was hanging down, blocking our door.
Big character posters were "special weapons," as the CRP called them, made with Chinese hieroglyphics, for criticizing proletarian enemies. My heart started racing: the terrible disaster had fallen on either my father or my mother or both of them.
My father and two sisters were home, waiting for me: My mother had been arrested... her crimes: being married to a dissident and, luring common people to walk on capitalist roads.
It was getting dark as my sister and I approached the compound. Through the iron wire netting in the dim light, we saw a crowd of kids in front of a small room attached to the monster-huge storage area. The room was used to keep detailed lists and inventories. It was now dark inside and the door was wide open. I knew this was the devil shed for my mother, because the kids were yelling and throwing stones at it. It was the first time they had ever confronted a prisoner, and they were caught up in the hysteria of it.
Someone hollered: "Her girls are here!" as we pushed open the yard gate of the compound. Suddenly, a dozen eyes turned around, shooting at us, and it became suffocatingly silent there for one second. I did not know how long they had been there with their subdued hubbub hanging like a smoke in the air, drifting. But once we arrived on the scene, the commotion exploded like flames until a raging fire of abuse was ablaze-my sister and I became their fresh target to attack and humiliate.
"Die without sons!" "Die without offspring!" They started surrounding us, shouting the slogans and waving their fists. Suddenly we became bloody sworn enemies...
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