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Dear Families,                                           June 15, 2000

I arrived in Nanping around 8 am, Thursday morning, June 15, 2000.
It is now 1: 45 am, early Friday morning.  I can not fall back asleep after waking up suddenly.  In front of my eyes are all the babies I held and touched yesterday at the Yanping Social Welfare Institution of Nanping City.
I am now really on a jet lag, an emotional jet lag.
I need to calm down, so I can report to you my experience from the moment I arrived in Nanping "yesterday" morning...

I must look helpless standing on the platform at the train station in Nanping with my two bags of luggage, responding "No" to all the questions asked by Teacher Ma, a friend from my hometown.   We happened to meet in a sleeping car on the train from Shanghai to Nanping City.  She helped me carry my luggage down to the platform, and let me know that she was concerned with my situation.  We bid each other good-bye.  She departed for a conference in the city of Fuzhou.  I began my search for a police officer who had found a one-year-old girl and taken her to the orphanage 4 years ago.  This young girl is now happily living with her dearest daddy and mommy in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

I was unable to contact anyone in this city before I headed for the destination of the Yanping Social Welfare Institution in Nanping City, Fujian Province.  Nevertheless, I did find the police officer I was searching for, Sergeant Tian, at the Security Station of Nanping Railway Station.  The officer's name, Tian Zonghua, is on the notarized certificate issued by the institution, certifying that the girl was found and escorted to the institution by him personally.  The certificate was sent to me by the little girl's parents the previous night, and I set off for China the next day.
The story goes on...

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