Editors Notes
Re: Abandoned Babies

While I personally do not agree with many of the policies China has, political and otherwise, before we judge them with contempt and disgust, and look down on them and stereotype them as a society who abandons their own infants... we better wake up and look in the mirror first.

While editing page three of the Shanghai section of this Web site, where I mention some of the locations abandoned Chinese infants are found, I felt compelled to check out the search engines to see what was on the Web.

I did a search on www.google.com for "abandoned babies", and here are just a few of the many links to Web pages about infant abandonment right here in the United States.  China has longheld traditions of male children being held in high esteem, and a one child per family policy. What's our excuse?

Editor: Tom Chen, Tuesday, June 20, 2000

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