Emily Ruth Ying Xi
(Ying Xi)
Chinese Translation: (Ying) To welcome, greet... (Xi) Happiness

Born: November 8, 1996
United As A "Forever Family": December 30, 1997

Parents: Tom and Valerie
Agency: Holt International Children's Services
Travel Group's Name: "Hunan 8"

Emily's Referral Photo
"Emily's Referral Picture"

This is the first photo we ever received of our daughter Chen, Ying Xi.   Translated from Chinese, Ying Xi means "to welcome happiness".  We believe this photo was taken in January 1997, soon after she entered the Chenzhou Welfare Institute.

Valerie holding Emily on Gotcha Day

This photo of Valerie and Emily was taken on "Gotcha Day" morning, at the Civil Affairs Office in Changsha, China.  It was taken by our friend Charlie, one of the fathers in our "Hunan 8" group.  In the background at left, is our friend Laura, holding her new daughter Morgan. 

I titled this photo, "Red...white...beautiful!" because that is what our Hua Tian Hotel floor attendant said to us as she gently touched Emily's cheek, the first time she saw her.  She was referring to Emily's light complexioned skin and rosy red cheeks.

Tom holding Emily on Gotcha Day
"Daddy's Sweet Baby"

This photo, also taken at the Civil Affairs Office on "Gotcha Day" morning, documents the very first time I held my baby Emily.  I had to wait until she had fallen asleep before I could hold her or else she would start crying.   This is one of my favorite photographs.

Emily in her Pink Puffy China Suit
"A Walk in the Park"

This photo of Emily was taken in early December 1997, about a week after our becoming a forever family.  It was taken in the park near the White Swan Hotel, on the Shamian Island, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China.  We just loved these little "puffy suits" so many of the babies in China wore.  We purchased this outfit in Guangzhou, about one block from the White Swan Hotel.  This is another one of my favorite photographs of Emily.


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